...And The Ground Sunders.

Journal Entry...

Dokull awoke beside the courtesan, sleeping alone was never his thing, the warmth of another, the presence of another being peaceful beside you somehow sooths the active mind. Groggy and still yearning for more rest, he attempted to roll over and bury himself in the sheets protecting himself from the sounds that a new day brings. but pulling up the sheets didn’t produce a warm lush silk sheet and fluffy comforter, only a tattered wool blanket, his mind slowed by dregs of sleep began to process. those weren’t the morning calls of guards and servants, and lords commanding them, they were panicked screams of desperation. Dokull sat up in frightful realization, still unaware of his surroundings. His mind was started now, the chill of the day found him, he took in his surroundings. A small inn room used, worn, but not terrible either. Reaching for his bed companion a shake on the shoulder the natural instinct, the blanket falling away, the chill reminding him of his nakedness. To wake her and find out what is going on, he just couldn’t recall, he had tried, but there was no person under the lump of sheets, only inanimate shape that deformed by his pressure. Ripping back the sheet revealed a pack and best and Dokull’s clothes. The tone and emotion of the outside had changed to hysteria, Dokull had a mind to run out naked to find out what is going on, but a life of a noble embedded and required certain social requirements. Dressing quickly and running out of the door presented a human who looked as uncertain of what was going on and out of place as Dokull now felt. A few minutes of wtf is going on followed, but no answers were found. Against his aversion Dokull packed his gear and secured it heading toward the shouts and screams, after all thats the only place he would get answeres, obviously none here. The human was a priest as it was now apparent with him fully dressed, Dokull glimpsed him lustily kissing his whores goodby and grabbed his belongings.


sizzle sizzle

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