...And The Ground Sunders.

Journal Entry...

As the early morning rays start to slither over the horizon, the morning mist begins to break away revealing a brighter and clearer sky. As the morning routines of each of the party members are finished, people start realizing their party is one member light. “Has anyone seen Grub this morning?”, Dokall asks. As the other awakening party members try to recollect whether or not they have seen Grub at all that morning. After a few moments, Sulzar comes back to the camp from the water’s edge. Dokall, knowing that Sulzar had not heard the question the first time, asks him directly. With that, Sulzar explains how a stranger approached the party at night. Doing his duty as watchman, he was a mere moment away from sounding the alarm to alert the entire party when Grub pulled him aside and informed him that this man is not what he appears to be. Grub continued to tell tales of this person, his teachings and the legendry people that he had taught. So involved in the story that Grub and Sulzar didn’t realize that he was mere feet away. Startled by the close proximity of him they both stared. to the party of that night’s encounter.

In the dead of the nightinforms AJ, Zang, Dokall and Zemm about the meeting of Grub and another being in the night.

The group, Satisfied with the explanation that Sulzar had given them, turned their attention to other matters. One in particular: Where is the dragon’s hoard? Zemm, eager to get his hands on some valuable coin was urging to go right back into the entrance. “It’s in there somewhere, it has to be.” Dokall on the other hand had paid more attention to the surroundings of the AntiChamber as he started to call it, noticed that even if the dragon came from this place, it was very unlikely that it used this entrance. “The front door”, he exclaimed in mocking pretense to Zemm, “is obviously large enough for him, however, after being inside, there was no other passageways that were large enough for it to navigate through.” To this, <aj> interjected as he could sense the possibility of inter-party conflict, “Perhaps we should investigate the passageways regardless. Those dwarves were very persistent in keeping us or anyone else who walked into that domain-” as he raises his hand points directly to the opening without looking, “Surely there must be some intrinsic value they must be guarding.” This seemed to win the votes of everyone in the party. With that they made ready for another delve into <party’s name="true"><aj> lets out a soft chuckle. Zemm, quick to enquire, “What’s so funny?” To this, <aj> points to one of the pillars that Grub had blatantly ran into the day before. It had a perfect image of his face, as if the pillar took a picture of him just as he hit it and then pasted or etched the image directly onto the pillar itself. At this, the party just then realized that all the pillars that were once invisible, were now solid as one would expect them to be. “Someone around here has a very strange sense of humor.”, Zang stated.

At the far end of the AntiChamber there are two corridors. With a quick peak around each one the party concludes that they are not connected on the back side. “Looks like we got a coin toss on our hands”, chuckles Zemm. Not a second later he tossed up a spare coin, downed the remainder of his flask he started on this morning and watched the coin hit the floor. Uninstinctively everyone in the party looked down at the coin to see its outcome. “Tails! We go right.” exclaimed Zemm. Zang looking up at him with confused look, “We have not decided that Tails means right or left. Who are you to decide which is which?” “My coin my rules” stated Zemm. Dokall opened his mouth to unfactioned way of deciding the parties fate only to be interrupted by Zemm, “Fine, we go left.” Zangold and Dokall’s eye’s met and they smiled at each other, obviously pleased that they had bettered Zemm in changing his mind.

Carefully checking the path as they go, the path leads several flights of stairs down, growing more omniously darker.

During the decent, Zang lights his staff for lighting. At the bottom AJ, who was first to arrive took one look down and turned to face Zang, who after looking at the ground as well almost looked at AJ at almost the same time. Not a split second later, Zang puts out the light on his staff. At that moment, the writing on the floor that was hardly readable were now illuminated in the darkness.

Across the span of the archway was Draconic glyphs, easily readable by Dragonborn.


sizzle sizzle

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