...And The Ground Sunders.


log entry

Startled from the thumping of feet on a dock, Zemm falls out of his nice and quiet dream. However, from a lifetime of careful training and quick wits, he does not rise up, but instead lays still, hidden in an unoccupied rowboat tied securely to the dock. Zemm knew this was a safe spot to catch up on his sleep as he scouts for safe spots before letting his guard down to rest. Honestly, who would attack a man dressed and equipped with a short sword and a red hat. Knowing that he was not in any threat, he cautiously stood up to gain a better understanding of what suddenly pulled him out of his much wanted sleep. Immediately he knew what had woken him. The dock that the boat was tied to was not only a dock, but what looked like a miniature harbor or marina and what seemed like all of it’s inhabitant were running aimlessly around, shouting and screaming. Some of them looking north. Curious, Zemm scouts the at the same direction in hopes to find out what they are frantic about. Initially what seems like a meaningless cloud was the only thing in the general direction people were watching. He thought to himself, “It’s only a cloud. Honestly, this place could use some r….”. He paused. After squinting, it looked as if the cloud was moving towards the town in a ‘non-cloud’ way. Cautious as he was, he started to make his way to land.

Meanwhile, on shore next to the forest edge, Grub stretches as he wakes from a long and undisturbed rest, a full 14 hours. After finishing his morning routine, he hears the sounds of the people that occupied the harbor. Intrigued, he equips his armor and weapons and heads towards the sound. Making it only to the north entrance onto the harbor did he then hear, as well as everyone else, the loud, ear piercing roar coming from the cloud to the north. At that very second, the cloud gave way and slipped silkfully away from a menacing large red dragon.

The dragon, wasting no time, swooped low to the ground about 20 feet above the roofs of the harbor and hurled a jet of fire onto part of the dock. Continuing his ‘run’ he then flew up and over the rest of the harbor, aiming to circle around for another hit. The townsfolk, seeing the fire started to dowse the flames with the water buckets they have been frantically trying to gather earlier. However, these flames were harder to put out then regular fire. It seemed eager to spread and ‘eat’ the wood around it.


sizzle sizzle

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